What it is

Forward Estate Planning is a one-month online estate planning program for Wisconsin residents. It makes getting your will, power of attorney for finances, and power of attorney for health care more affordable, more convenient, and better.

  • The program takes place over one month.
  • Each week focuses on a different aspect of your estate plan. You will learn about your rights in each area, then use an online app to guide you through creating your draft documents.
    • Week 1 focuses on health care. By the end you’ll have your power of attorney for health care drafted.
    • Week 2 focuses on financial affairs and legal rights. By the end you’ll have your power of attorney for finances drafted.
    • Week 3 focuses on beneficiaries. By the end you’ll have your will drafted.
    • Week 4 focuses on signing your documents and implementing your plan. By the end you’ll have your entire plan reviewed one-on-one by an attorney.
  • Learning occurs through webinars, email, and online apps. You can complete everything on your own schedule.
  • Throughout this process, you have access to me for any legal questions or guidance. I am your lawyer. By the end of the month we’ll also have a virtual meeting to review everything together.
  • By doing the estate planning virtually, in a group, and with an emphasis on DIY, I can keep the cost low.

What it costs

If you decide to join the next Forward Estate Planning group after attending the webinar, that’s when you’ll officially sign up and pay. The price is $225 per person ($450 per couple).

How to get started

Now’s the time to take action. The October Forward Estate Planning group starts October 4.

The first step is to attend my webinar about the program. This is a free webinar that will teach you the foundational principles of estate planning and introduce my Forward Estate Planning process in more detail. After the webinar, you will receive a link to sign up for the Forward Estate Planning group if you decide to join.

I will be presenting the webinar the week before the program starts. If you can’t make it, you should still register—you’ll receive an email to watch the recorded webinar after it’s done, and you’ll still get the chance to join the group.

Thank you for your interest. I’m excited to offer something truly unique with Forward Estate Planning. I hope it makes good, simple estate planning more accessible and affordable for everyone.